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Long Way to Persia - Part 4: Welcome Back to EU!

@#$%^&*()(*&^}{":|||O||||G||||||||o|| ... WHAAAAT?!
I hate alarm. And only thing I hate more than that is early morning alarm after some party! I love to sleep but there is only one thing I can do and that is to wake up. Cos now, if it's not me then nobody. Petr loves to sleep even more than I do so I have to be the responsible one on this trip. And the worst is that there is no other choice... We have a problem right? 
Did I told you how we gonna solve the broken helmet? I told you about Attila, right? Friendly guy from Serbia who works in Hungary. He must have the helmet but we couldn't reach him. I forgot to tell you we have actually got into contact with him last night and ask him for help. He gladly offered his old Nolan helmet to lend it to us. And even more... He offered that we don't have to return back to his house in Subotica. Only thing we have to do is to wake up early and his brother will bring it to Novi Sad for us. Amazing!!! Well, it would be quite simple if there is no hangover. But I feel drunk like hell. I finished drinking few hours ago and as far I remember there were plenty of shots. One of the Serbian girl was trying to made me drunk but before she succeeded she end up talking to the toilet with head inside...
OK, we have to go. I don't even remember getting onto the bike because I never ride drunk. Last time I did that I was 19 and ended with broken motorbike and no driving license for 6months. Now on such a trip it's really the most stupid idea because I could loose my driving license just few hundreds km from home and the trip is over. Anyway Petr needs help so we go to the meeting point and wait for the guy. I am still dizzy and only thing I am thinking of is sleep. Finally Attila's brother - Arpad arrives and gives us the helmet. He also takes our broken one so that we don't have to carry it with us. "Thanks, we're saved!" ...
Wait?! What? He says we have to go early to cross the bridge over Danube river before it will close. There are some road works so we have to go before the scheduled close. This sounds like an important information but the problem is - I am still drunk! Whatever. "Forget it! We have to go." ... We agree to have some sleep at first possible stop behind the bridge so we start our engines and tries for luck...
The route today is even more boring than the day before. I am tired and it makes everything more complicated as I am getting sleepy. Everything changes on the border with Bulgaria where we meet few more bikers. After initial chat we discover that they're Serbians who are going to some big motorbike festival near Sofia where should be concerts of rock bands and thousands of people. Soon we forgot about our plan of being in Turkey late today. Vision of another party, this time bikers open-air party is tempting. We change a lot of money on the border so that we can party hard and continue with others  slowly to Sofia. It looks like the bad luck is over so we forgot about all the bad from past and thinking only about what will happen. In front of Sofia we meet some other bikers and let them leads us to the place. After many stops and many discussion we discover that there is actually no party. :( The festival has been canceled from unknown reasons. Swear words goes by and as we realize that the lucky time was actually very short the disappointment is back. There are two options - Stay in Sofia, find hotel and spend night with these guys or other - Move forward and at least do few more kilometers.
We decide to go... The capital city of Bulgaria was not really one of our destinations and we've seen pubs yesterday already. As we move to closer into town there is an ugly slum with some building burning on the entrance. The city becomes to look like some parts of Delhi or Mumbai not like the capital of the EU country! To avoid more traffic we turn left on the bypass. Road leads us many kilometers all around the city. It is dirty, full of holes and whores all around the road. Literally there is a prostitute every 100m. Ugly gypsy prostitute. This can't be EU... is it? Petr drives near the car in front of him and underneath it deep hole appears. Too late to do something!  Sound of big bang but he's fine... Only front wheel is hit but there is no damage. We're happy we decided to move as far from Sofia as possible.
After about 100km further we discover nice old Russian plane MIG next to one petrol station. We take pictures and discover that this may be the place to camp. Very small petrol station is actually the place where truck drivers sleeps. So that there is a small restaurant, showers and also a place where we could build our tent. Everything seems perfect now and because Petr is snoring like a hell-lord only thing I am thinking of are the Serbian girls... Probably the last beautiful butts we have seen for following weeks.

Novi Sad - Sofia
Total 640km
7:22 / 11:17
Driving / Total Time

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