sobota, prosince 12, 2009

DELL X-Mass 2009

Another excellent Christmas celebration at Dell. This time fancy-dress party without any theme so masks varied from Pharaoh & Cleopatra to Adams Family...

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úterý, listopadu 17, 2009

Berlin, 20 years later...

Short weekend visit of Berlin 20 years after the fall of the Wall. Berlin is now a great modern city full of restaurants with cuisine from all around the world. But still you can feel it's atmosphere of separation during the Cold war on every corner. Actually much more than dark heritage from the Second World war when was Berlin badly damaged. Seeing it's "ghost" metro stations and walking around The Wall is highly recommended as well as visiting German parliament which was one of the best highlights of the trip.


sobota, října 10, 2009

Goodbye F650 GS

At the end of the season I said farewell to my old blackie. She took me on many good rides through Europe and some great off-roads around Czech country as well. Namely couple of times to Alps, year ago down to Dubrovnik in Croatia, then this spring Off-road Marathon and finally that bloody trip to Misano in Italy where she got some hard times. All together about 22.000km in two seasons.
Let the new owner take good care of her...


čtvrtek, července 30, 2009

Horsefeathers FMX Jam

Great free event with Top Freestyle Riders from Europe took place by Vltava river in Prague. Libor Podmol, Petr Kuchar and many others showed all the famous tricks from very close distance. Great afternoon full of whips, supermans and backflips... Check out the album for pictures or youtube for videos:

Prague - 
Jul 30, 2009
by :pipo:
Horsefeathers Freestyle Motocross

sobota, ledna 24, 2009

The Ressurection of

Welcome back!

I am glad to have site up and running again!

The old blog has been badly damaged by Turkish Hackers. Free web hosting means no help on recovery and without mine own backup it's all gone now. So my advice to all of you: Do not backup only the data you are quite happy to loose!!!
I am running on Google from now. So hopefully everything runs smoothly in future. My intention is to keep this site updated and upload new stuff on regular basis. Second intention is to put everything back on the internet so I can track my past in case I loose my memory :-)

Enjoy the web, my pictures and feel free to provide feedback.